Sailing training and further education

How to become a glider pilot on the Wasserkuppe

If you are at least 14 years old, healthy and not heavier than 110 kg and not taller than 2 meters, you can start gliding training with us.

On the Wasserkuppe you learn to fly with professional and individual flight instructor support. You use the perfect infrastructure with a large aircraft fleet and flight school right on the airfield - in the middle of Germany.

Our goal is to train our flight students safely and effectively to become air athletes and to support pilots in developing their flight skills.

The flight instructor team of the Wasserkuppe flying school

Beginner glider courses

Glider taster course Wasserkuppe

Trial glider course

During a glider taster course, you will learn about flight training on the Wasserkuppe. And of course you take off on your first flights!
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Glider pilot at the Wasserkuppe flying monument

Compact glider course

Learn to glide: In the glider compact course at the Wasserkuppe flying school, you will learn to fly up to your first solo flights.
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Further training for glider pilots

Start types, thermal training, aerobatics: We offer many further training courses for pilots.

Cross-country flight course Wasserkuppe

Cross-country flight course

In the cross-country flight course, you will go on a flight with an experienced flight instructor in a double-seater and learn what is important in the top flight discipline.
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Duo Discus XT glider instruction folding engine

Folding engine instruction

In this course, a flight instructor in the double-seater DuoDiscus xT will teach you individually and completely relaxed how to fly with a folding engine.
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Alpine Gliding Seminar Gap

Alpine soaring seminar

In the alpine gliding seminar you start with our alpine flight cracks from Gap into the unique world of wave flying, hillside flying and cross-country gliding.
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Airfield webcam Wasserkuppe

Webcam Wasserkuppe

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Aerial sports center Wasserkuppe


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