German glider museum with model flight

Discover the history of flying on the Wasserkuppe

Right in our neighborhood: The German Glider Museum with Model Flight (DSMM) is a collection of historical gliders and the history of model flight that is unique in Europe.

The DSMM has set itself the task of presenting the development of gliding and the achievements of the pioneers.

The concept differs from other aviation museums: The DSMM only exhibits gliders that were “milestones” in development, both in terms of construction and materials, as well as aerodynamics and performance.

The pioneers who contributed to the enormous increase in performance in glider and glider construction are also presented.

The museum is an ideal “alternative program” when the weather doesn't quite cooperate.

From March to the end of October the museum is open every day, in winter only on weekends, public holidays and during the winter holidays.

The Wasserkuppe is considered the birthplace of gliding. In aviation circles it advanced to become the “mountain of glider pilots”.

Flight history events such as the world record in 1912 by Hans Gutermuth on the FSV X, the first manned rocket flight in the world by Fritz Stamer in 1928, Arthur Martens record flight on the Vampyr in 1922 or the flight of the first radio-controlled flight model BF52 in 1936 took place here.

German Glider Museum Foundation with model flight

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