Motor flight training PPL-A

Above the clouds …

"Above the clouds, freedom must be limitless", the enthusiastic pilot Reinhard Mey sings in his hit.

and thats the way it is. Only with powered flight can you “float above the clouds” and (in contrast to gliding) achieve your set goals relatively independent of the weather.

Training goal: PPL-A private pilot license

Most of our student pilots opt for the private pilot license, or PPL-A for short. The practical training includes

at least 45 flight hours,
thereof at least 30 flight hours with a flight instructor,
of which at least 5 hours overland flight
additionally at least 10 hours of monitored solo flight, of which
3 hours solo overland flight with
at least one overland flight of at least 500 km and landing at a different airport than the starting one

The private pilot license PPL-A entitles you to fly aircraft up to 2000kg. Cross-border flights and flights in non-European countries are also possible with this license.

Harald Jorges
Flight school manager at the Wasserkuppe flying school

The private pilot license training consists of these three modules:

Module A

Acquire flying skills

With the help of a flight instructor, you will learn everything you need to know to master a powered aircraft safely in solo flight at the start of your training.

This includes the operation of the aircraft on the ground, during takeoff and landing, and orientation in the traffic pattern.

Module B

Navigation and overland flight

The second module is used to learn visual and basic radio navigation.

In addition, you will land at different airfields with the most diverse approach and landing conditions.

Module C

Exam flight simulation

In the last module, flights are carried out under real test conditions, with special emphasis on radio communication and flights through control zones.

In the field of powered flight licenses, there have been enormous changes at European level in recent years.

Which conditions do I have to fullfill?

You can start your training as a powered aircraft pilot from the age of 17. The aviator confirms your fitness to fly. In addition, by fulfilling some requirements, you demonstrate that you are suitable for driving a powered aircraft. For this purpose, these documents must be submitted at the start of the course:

  • Criminal record certificate
  • Declaration that no criminal proceedings are pending against you
  • Certified copy of your identity card

Our office team will be happy to help you with the formalities so that you can start your apprenticeship quickly.

Course start, costs and duration

Your way to the pilot license begins with an inquiry at our flight school office. As soon as the necessary formalities have been completed, we will arrange the dates for your flight hours individually with you. You complete the theory units online with free time allocation. In spring we also offer theoretical courses in the flying school on the Wasserkuppe.

Depending on your available time and your learning progress, you should plan around a total of 12 months and total costs (training, fees and ancillary costs) of around 8 - 9.000 euros until the end of the training.

Completion of training

You complete your flight training for the private pilot license PPL-A with a theoretical multiple-choice exam and a practical exam. The license is valid worldwide and for life. The aviator checks your fitness to fly annually.

We offer various interesting further training courses for pilots with PPL-A. You can also charter well-maintained motor planes from us.

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