Approach information for EDER Wasserkuppe airfield

Approaches to the Wasserkuppe are possible again under the following conditions:


Motorized aircraft that are not located at the Wasserkuppe special landing site may, subject to further restrictions (e.g. space, meteorological conditions), only fly to the Wasserkuppe special landing site if the PIC (Pilot in Command) and before demonstrated to the approach that he had performed at least three approaches to the Wasserkuppe in the last three years before the planned approach.

Alternatively, one is Briefing on the Wasserkuppe with a local flight instructor compulsory, in which the special features regarding rounds and go-around procedures are demonstrated and flown.

In both cases we issue a certificate that is valid for three years and that the pilot can keep up-to-date with three starts in the following three years.

On the day of the planned approach, a prior telephone request (PPR) is mandatory.

FLARM duty
Equipping with a FLARM® collision warning system, or compatible with FLARM®, is mandatory for EVERY motorized aircraft that wants to fly to the Wasserkuppe special landing site.