Compact glider course

The compact glider course is our best recommendation for your successful entry into air sports.

In this approximately 10-day course, you will learn to fly.

Course objective: take off, fly and land alone with the glider!

According to our proven curriculum, start with your flight instructor in a two-seater glider.

At the end of the course, you will take off alone. Your flight instructor will accompany you on your solo flights from the ground up to the end of your training.

Compact gliding course: the advantages

Suitable for everyone who is at least 14 years old, healthy and not heavier than 110 kg
Perfect entry into aviation: no previous knowledge required
Favorable package: low costs, maximum flight fun
Compact training: quick success, just one journey

Gliding is cheaper than you might think!

Young people under the age of 10 pay a flat rate of only 18 euros for adults, and 1.390 euros for adults (all prices include VAT).

The purchase of your own aircraft is not necessary for gliding. Thus, gliding is not more expensive than many comparable hobbies and sports because there are practically no costs for your own equipment.

Services included

The compact glider course aiming for sole flight qualification includes 40 training flights. We train in F-towing.

  • 40 training flights
  • Administration fees
  • Membership fees
  • Aircraft and winch towing
  • Use of gliding
  • Landing fees
  • flight times

Dates and start of the course

We offer flight training on the Wasserkuppe every day from sunrise to sunset during the whole flight season, i.e. from the end of March to October in flight weather.

You can start your compact gliding course with us at any time.

Simply register in our flight school office and we will plan your flight training with you: