Airfield briefing EDER (Wasserkuppe)

For all powered pilots, powered gliders and UL pilots who want to fly to the Wasserkuppe regularly, prior participation in an aerodrome briefing is mandatory.

Contents: See training plan for foreign pilots
Documentation: You will receive a upon completion of the briefing Certificate in duplicate with one Authorization number, which you have to mention in your PPR request.
Duration: about 1 day
Cost: 200 Euros
Dates: Individually during the entire flying season, only after prior binding registration.

With this briefing, you will be authorized to fly to the EDER Wasserkuppe special landing area by motor plane.

Training plan for foreign pilots

to obtain permission to land in powered flight / UL / TMG at the Wasserkuppe special landing area (EDER)

Instruction program

  1. Theoretical instruction
    • Instruction in flight operations and the special features of the Wasserkuppe special landing area (EDER).
  2. Practical instruction
    • At least 3 take-offs and landings are required at the Wasserkuppe (EDER) special airfield in powered flight with the training manager or with an FI commissioned by him. Instruction is not given with foreign aircraft.
    • These 3 takeoffs and landings include:
      • Starting direction 06
      • Landing direction 24
      • Left and right place rounds
      • at least 2 go-around exercises


If there have been 3 landings in the past 3 years, a written proof must be provided and before approach EDER.

The authorization loses its validity if 3 take-offs and landings are not carried out at the Wasserkuppe (EDER) special airfield within a period of 3 years.

PPR regulation

The authorization does not override the existing PPR regulation. FLARM is a requirement!

Further training for powered flight pilots

Airfield webcam Wasserkuppe

Webcam Wasserkuppe

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Aerial sports center Wasserkuppe


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