Motorized flight: license and training

How to become a motor pilot on the Wasserkuppe

From the age of 17 you can start your flight training for a pilot's license with the OK from the flight doctor in the Wasserkuppe flight school.

Private pilot license PPL-A you will receive worldwide authorization to fly single-engine aircraft under visual flight conditions.

The Light aircraft pilot license LAPL-A enables Europe-wide flights.

We offer many interesting ones for motorized aviation athletes Further developments to: Obtain additional authorizations for controlled visual flight or for towing gliders ... Or how about the alternative ultralight?

As a licensed pilot, our well-maintained motor planes are also available for charter.

Many pilots of commercial airliners started out very small with the acquisition of a private pilot license - and you could be the next one!

Harald Jorges
Headmaster of the Wasserkuppe flying school

Motor flight training

Comparison of powered flight licenses

Various licenses are available for motorized flights. We will help you find the right license for you and will be happy to advise you individually and personally on how to achieve your training goal.

PropertyPrivate pilot license - PPL (A)Light aircraft pilot license - LAPL (A)
validityWorldwideEurope (EASA)
Airworthiness (Medical)Class 2 according to ICAO - higher requirements, more frequent inspectionlower requirements, less checking
Vocational Trainingsomewhat more extensive than LAPL (A)somewhat less extensive than PPL (A)
Transportation of passengersPossible after receiving the licenseAfter receipt of license and proof of flight practice (minimum hours) possible

Motor flight training

With your flight training on the Wasserkuppe you benefit from many advantages:


Our experienced flight instructors are happy to share their passion for aviation with you.


We adapt our training exactly to your requirements and your level of skill.


We train daily throughout the flight season. You determine your course times yourself.

Top infrastructure:

Benefit from our perfect infrastructure with flight school and restaurant right on the airfield - in the middle of Germany.

Top equipment:

We offer state-of-the-art aircraft, top equipment and all types of takeoff on site.


Thanks to our fair and transparent prices and a particularly affordable flat rate, flying on the Wasserkuppe does not cost more than comparable hobbies.

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