Cross-country flight course

Cross-country flight - the premier class of gliding

Do you fancy extensive cross-country flights? You want to go “really” on the track, but maybe you don't really dare?

Cross-country flight course in a two-seater

Our experienced flight instructors will take you on a route in a double seater. They explain how to find and use termics effectively. You will learn how to take your last beard with you even in the event of weak thermals in the evening.

Of course, we also refresh our knowledge of outlanding fields to ease the fear of a possible outward landing.

Folding engine instruction

Most of the flying school's gliders are equipped with a retractable engine. In the cross-country flight course, we of course also deal with the correct operation and effective use of the "lull slide".

When flying cross country, it is important to use the thermal options of the day of the flight, but also the huge potential that modern gliders offer tactically and skillfully to achieve the set goals.

Harald Jorges
Flight school manager at the Wasserkuppe flying school

Further training for pilots

Alpine Gliding Seminar Gap

Alpine soaring seminar

In the alpine gliding seminar you start with our alpine flight cracks from Gap into the unique world of wave flying, hillside flying and cross-country gliding.
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Duo Discus XT glider instruction folding engine

Folding engine instruction

In this course, a flight instructor in the double-seater DuoDiscus xT will teach you individually and completely relaxed how to fly with a folding engine.
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Cross-country flight course Wasserkuppe

Cross-country flight course

In the cross-country flight course, you will go on a flight with an experienced flight instructor in a double-seater and learn what is important in the top flight discipline.
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