Get to know motor gliders

Motor flight training

Take off with us and let yourself be inspired by motor gliding!

Just come to us at the Luftsportzentrum on the Wasserkuppe in flight weather and start with us on a trial flight in a powered airplane.

Experience the fascination of flying up close on a motor plane flight. Our experienced pilots take off with three passengers at the highest airport in Germany.

Our goal is to inspire you to fly. Experience the acceleration when taking off and the fantastic views in the air.

Prior knowledge is not required for powered flight. A flight with the four-seater plane (three passengers and pilot) takes about 20 minutes and costs 110 euros per person when booking for three passengers (max. 300 kg per person - total weight of the passengers: max. 40 kg).

Alternatively, we also offer an introductory flight in a two-seater small aircraft. For 80 euros you can take off here together with an experienced powered flight pilot and experience the fascination of flight training for yourself.

Prior registration by telephone is not required:
Just come and take off with us!

Motorized flies can also be in the form of a Voucher give away. You can also get gift vouchers from us in the air sports center on the Wasserkuppe.

If you decide to train on the Wasserkuppe after your flight, we will record your first flight directly in your logbook!

Harald Jörges, training manager at the Wasserkuppe flying school

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