Your training as a glider license


Age: You can take the course from the age of 14 (with the consent of both legal guardians). You will then receive the license on your 16th birthday. There is no age limit as long as the aviator confirms the fitness to fly.
Weight and height: Flight students up to a body weight of 110 kg and a maximum height of 2,10 m can participate.
Airworthiness: The aviator confirms that the student pilot is free from serious illnesses and is fit to fly. An above average condition is not necessary. Glasses (± 5 diopters) are usually not a problem either. If you have any questions about airworthiness, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Other requirements: No special previous knowledge is required to participate in the course.

Before starting your training ...

Before you begin your flight license training, please let one of your ophthalmologists first Ophthalmological examination report for the private pilot license exhibit.
If you have an aviator nearby, you can pre-order yours Medical examination report for gliding getting exhibited. However, this is still possible after the course has started on site. We are happy to recommend aviators in the surrounding area. The addresses of aviation doctors in Germany can be found on this side of the Federal Aviation Office.
All other formalities (Certificate of good conduct document 0, application for information from the fitness to drive register, declaration of criminal proceedings in accordance with § 24 Paragraph 3 LuftZVO and application for information from the aviation register) we will then take care of together on site.
Arrange the period with us, in which you would like to complete your training. 10-14 days at a time are ideal.
Some Accommodation recommendations we have nearby auf dieser seite put together for you.

Course schedule

We usually train from early April to late October daily in flight weather.
The flight day starts each time um 9 Uhr with the joint preparations and ends after consultation and weather conditions towards evening with the common cleaning and clearing of the gliders.

target price

Our compact beginner course includes that Module A flight training (see below). The target is the Ready to fly alone.

Included services

40 training flights (F-tow); from the 41st flight we calculate the flights according to our fee schedule.
Administration fees
Membership fees
Use of gliders

Not included in the price are the costs of medical examinations (ophthalmologist, aviator), fees for issuing official confirmations and documents as well as accommodation and meals.

Learn to fly on the Wasserkuppe: your advantages

Individual and professional training: We always base your training on your personal learning progress. Our flight instructors attach great importance to individual and safe instruction.
High flexibility: We train daily during the whole flight season in flight weather. So you are not bound to fixed course dates with us.
Top infrastructure: At the Wasserkuppe you will not only find our well-equipped aircraft fleet, but also options for all types of take-off. The flight school and our airfield restaurant are located directly on the airfield. Various accommodations such as hotels, holiday villages, guest houses and campsites can be found in the vicinity.

So it goes on after the compact course

With the successful completion of the compact course and the associated solo flight qualification, you have decided to take part in the next training phase Module B qualified.
We offer many interesting ones for licensed pilots Training

At a glance: Training for a glider license

The glider license includes a legal minimum of 15 hours of glider flight training, including

10 hours flight training with flight instructor (Fl)
2 hours monitored solo flight
45 take-offs and landings
A solo overland flight of at least 50 km, alternatively with Fl of at least 100 km

The training for a glider license consists of these three modules:

Module A

Flight training for solo flight

At the beginning of your training, you will learn everything you need to know to master a glider safely in solo flight with the help of a flight instructor. This includes the operation of the glider, take-off and landing, orientation in the traffic pattern, flight path and flight altitude tactics.

We offer this module as a compact beginner course:

Thanks to the pedestrian discount of 25%, you pay €8 for a total flight time of 1945,50 hours

Module B

Exercises for flying skills

Here the previously learned flying skills are fine-tuned. Based on this, you expand your flying skills by recognizing and using thermal upwind. The aim of this training phase is to stay in the air with the glider for as long as possible.

Module C

In the last module, the training deepens topics such as navigation and meteorology, which pave the way for flying outside of the airport area, but above all for “supreme discipline” cross-country flying. You only need a flight instructor here for instruction.

The costs and the duration of modules B and C depend on the pilot's progress in training, the weather and flight times.

Are you ready?

Then start your training as a glider pilot with us on the Wasserkuppe!

As soon as you have your ophthalmological examination report for the private pilot license, simply contact us and we will plan your course together.

... or do you have any questions?

We are ready to help!

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