Gift Vouchers

Give away a very special experience this year: a flight from the Wasserkuppe over the Rhön Biosphere Reserve!

Please note that the passenger may weigh a maximum of 110 kg and be a maximum of 2,00 m tall. In the case of health restrictions, the family doctor should be asked in advance.

We charge an additional 3 euros once for sending vouchers. Our flying season starts in April, we fly every day with flying weather, even on weekends.

Gift Vouchers
Voucher Order

1. Voucher selection

motor sailer

Voucher for one person motor glider, approx. 20 minutes flight time

Heads-up: Maximum weight: 110kg, maximum height of 2 meters

All prices incl. taxes.


Voucher for one person glider, approx. 30 minutes flight time

Heads-up: The minimum age for a flight in a glider is 14 years, passengers may be a maximum of 2 meters tall.


Voucher for 1-3 people in a motorized aircraft, approx. 20 minutes flight time
€120 (Machine price)

Heads-up: With this voucher, up to three people can take off on a flight in a powered aircraft (max. 110 kg / person; max. 300 kg in total). If you want to give a gift to a single person, we recommend the voucher for a motor glider sightseeing flight.

2. Shipping address

We will send the voucher (s), the invoice and a transfer slip to this address.

The Wasserkuppe (950m), "Mountain of the Fliers"

The recipient of the present takes off with one of our experienced pilots from the highest airfield in Germany in a motorized airplane, motor glider or glider.

Immediately after the start, the gaze falls on the varied low mountain range of the Rhön Biosphere Reserve: Basalt boulder seas, beech forests and open meadow areas alternate. In between small villages and the sphere of the former radar station (Radom) on the summit of the Wasserkuppe, visible from afar.

The Rhine-Main area in the west, the Bavarian Rhön in the south and the Thuringian Forest in the east appear on the horizon at a little more height.

During the flight it is of course possible to take photos and film.

At the end of the flight, the pilot goes into the landing approach and brings the passenger or passengers back to the ground.

Airfield webcam Wasserkuppe

Webcam Wasserkuppe

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