Fuldaer Zeitung: The dream of flying fulfilled: the new head of the Wasserkuppe flying school takes stock

The new director of the Wasserkuppe Flying School Lukas Schmidt-Nentwig is satisfied with the first year after the corona pandemic and the associated restrictions.

Wasserkuppe – Since April 2021 he has been responsible for the 15 aircraft, the four full-time and 30 honorary flight instructors and flight operations with up to 250 take-offs and landings a day Hesse responsible for the highest mountain. This makes the flying school one of the most renowned in Germany.

He is supported by his predecessor, Harald Jörges, who acts as training manager. He retired last year, but it turned into a disretirement, he says. The 66-year-old supports 31-year-old Schmidt-Nentwig and has ensured that the transition went smoothly.

(Source: Rainer Ickler via fuldaerzeitung.de, retrieved on 24.11.22/XNUMX/XNUMX)

Luke Nentwig. Photo: private
The new head of the Wasserkuppe flying school: Lukas Schmidt-Nentwig. © private

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