Self-start authorization

In this course you complete the flights that are required for self-launch authorization.

5 take-offs with flight instructors in our ASK 21 Mi
5 solo flights
Duration: about 1 day
Cost: Experience has shown that between 800 € and 900 € with a flight time of 10 to 15 minutes per start, depending on your wishes
Dates: Individually during the entire flying season, only after prior binding registration.

Our ASK 21 Mi is self-launching with its folding engine with 56 HP engine.

Further training for pilots

Duo Discus XT glider instruction folding engine

Folding engine instruction

In this course, a flight instructor in the double-seater DuoDiscus xT will teach you individually and completely relaxed how to fly with a folding engine.
To offer…
Cross-country flight course Wasserkuppe

Cross-country flight course

In the cross-country flight course, you will go on a flight with an experienced flight instructor in a double-seater and learn what is important in the top flight discipline.
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Alpine Gliding Seminar Gap

Alpine soaring seminar

In the alpine gliding seminar you start with our alpine flight cracks from Gap into the unique world of wave flying, hillside flying and cross-country gliding.
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